HOW TO GET BETTER New Jersey Homeowners Insurance QuotesHomeowners insurance is important to you and your family.  Getting good rates on your insurance means that you won’t have to worry about being able to make unreasonably high premiums.  At the same time, low premiums doesn’t necessarily mean less coverage or higher deductibles.

Here are a few tips on getting better New Jersey homeowners insurance from

  • Higher deductibles are one way of bringing down your premiums. If you pay more out of pocket, your insurance company will have to pay that much less in the event of an accident.  If you’re looking at higher deductibles, though make sure you can still afford it if something should happen
  • Many companies offer discounts for having multiple policies with the company. Bringing over your car insurance and life insurance can help you lower rates on all of those insurance plans.  Make sure you ask about multi-policy discounts when shopping for insurance.
  • Speak directly to an agent, whether it’s face to face, or over the phone. Insurance agents know the fine details of the industry and might be able to get you further discounts on your quotes.
  • Shop around frequently to see which companies’ rates are changing. If you take a look at different companies when you have to renew your policies, you might find that rates have changed.  It’s a little more effort to do this, but it can pay off if you find a lower quote.
  • Special discounts are available from some companies. These discounts can include home renovations, new wiring, fire and safety equipment, non-smoking households and more.  Make sure you ask about this when you are looking for a quote.

Some of the Best

Finding a good policy starts with finding the best companies providing New New Jersey homeowners in surance.  Here are three good companies in the state:

  1. Allstate frequently comes up among the best companies for insurance. Their tools let you figure out your premiums and what factors affect them.  They have coverage options for dwellings and other structures, while liability and theft options are also available.
  2. Chubb offers insurance on many types of dwellings, from condos to single-family homes. They have exceptional coverage and can connect you with reliable contractors if your home needs repairs or rebuilding.
  3. State Farm is a highly rated provider and focus on exceptional claims service. Like Chubb, they will also connect you with reputable contractors, and their inventory tool will help with an up-to-date record of your personal property.